It’s estimated that physical inactivity costs the UK economy almost £7.5 billion per year, with a whopping 1 in 6 deaths now being linked to long-term inactivity. As a youth sports and community development charity, StreetGames fully understands the need for greater physical activity, particularly amongst young people. To achieve this goal, StreetGames employs a wide variety of specialist, trend-setting and research-backed programmes. StreetGames works with Locally Trusted Organisations across the UK to reach those children and young people who need it most. In this area of work we:

  • Share good practice and learning from activity run to date
  • Provide training to upskill volunteers in delivery of excellent physical activity
  • Provide specific on line training resources, equipment and advice, should we be in a lock down situation
  • Coordinate the recruitment and training of volunteers;
  • Engage a local support network, including local politicians, public health teams, business leaders, and food retailers;
  • Mentor area based lead staff in fundraising and network building, to ensure the sustainability sessions